Milaca acreage

Milaca acreage

Building "off-grid"

- Starting *Before* Square One -

Definition:  Building "off-grid" means you've made a choice - either by location or merely preference - to remain detached from traditional utility power companies; sometimes gas, telephone and cable TV as well.  Some people generate and store their own power (solar/wind), others prefer to live even more simply and do without those things altogether.  Often this choice of lifestyle is accompanied by a variety of other ecologically conscious and interesting innovations like solar heated water, wood burning stoves, indoor gardens, etc.

Many people discouraged me from buying, much less building and living "off grid".   I heard over and over how difficult and expensive it would be to assemble and maintain a wind and solar electrical system, etc.  I was also repeatedly made aware of the imposing commute to the metro for "good jobs" if I bought property that far out.  Well, I've known for years I wanted an acreage property a little off the beaten path, and always liked the idea of off-grid power.  I sold my house in [what used to be] the boonies outside Minneapolis, MN, and bought an RV to live in during the process (a valuable exercise in simplified living).  A major "sticker shock" with the local electric company ($18,000 to bring it one mile) assured my off-grid power interest and commitment, and from there, several more efficient, intuitive, self-contained, ecologically conscious ideas developed.  This website is a step-by-step photo-journal of my experiences (good and bad) starting even before square one.  Hopefully this will encourage some people to push past their "armchair expert" posture and/or save some others from getting in deeper than they can handle.

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